• Roland has vast experience in the area of energy and sustainability. Holistic expertise in power generation industry (renewable as well as conventional), power grids, smart grid and automotive and especially EV (electric vehicles) techniques and distribution is the basis for developing projects. Sustainability in modern economic activities is Roland’s key area of work and research. Discovering cost reductions, which are based on an increased energy and resource efficiency, are the goal of ReffCon. The very interdisciplinary background does help a lot to overcome obstacles.
  • Seeking to develop action plans for enterprises and guidelines leading to better environmental solutions and lower costs. He has the advantage of having a broad research background. His umbrella of expertise and skills also focus on consumption of energy as well as saving or on site generation; demand side management as well as cost savings to achieve the best results.
  • Roland has provided consultancy in the clean vehicle and electric vehicle (EV´s) field, infrastructure, fleet operation or commercialization of EVs in Europe. He has also been independent advisor to stake-holders and state ministers in the areas of renewable energy, electricity distribution and electricity pricing.
  • Roland has been a speaker/presenter at many events of international repute including EV Summit in Manila, European Commission Working Group meet at Brussels, Philippine Department of Energy event , and Automechanika in Austria, to name a few. Roland holds over 20 years of experience in the industry and holds an MBA.
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  • Vlada’s specializes in the Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems. She also consults on Electric Vehicles (EVs) designing and EV Charging Infrastructure, besides Energy Efficiency Consulting and Optimization of Power Plant generators.
  • Vlada has had rich experience in financial management. She brings nearly 12 years of experience and holds an MBA degree, before which she majored in Finance and Economics.
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  • Given Emilio’s rich experience in business management, marketing and corporate law, he is a business leader by design. He is responsible for growing the business in Philippines as well as overseeing the execution of projects in the country.
  • In earlier roles, Emilio has focused on business formation, corporate governance, asset protection, and international commercial law as well as engaging in business development for local Silicon Valley enterprises as well as international trade partnerships.
  • Emilio has nearly two decades of experience and holds an MBA.
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