In line with its mission, Reffcon also offers the GreenPack® technology across the globe. This is an easy-to-carry, convenient, standard rechargeable battery using different types of battery solutions (different types of chemical cells), the option of storing and charging individual units in different cluster-quantities.

Other batteries in the offering include :

  • • Our Kick Trike battery : Green electricity in a portable green pack – different battery modules can be stored in the house and used for e-vehicles and other e-devices.
  • • GP systems : Battery and electricity storage for every household, so that Green Energy can be saved in handy GreenPack battery modules, and used instead of petrol/gas in vehicles that can be powered by electricity as well as powering other household devices and consumer applications.
  • • GreenPack Loading and Storing Systems : For the loading of GreenPack and for the storage of electricity, different systems are envisioned :
  •   - Single-loading devices
  •   - Rechargeable-battery banks for houses and/or apartments
  •   - Rechargeable-battery cabinets used in PV Sites
  •   - Rechargeable-battery automata in public areas