• Welcome To
    Resource Efficiency Consultancy
    The "+/-" is a symbol for the most important marker
    in the EV/electric motor/decentralized storage world of batteries
    the DC, therefore solar (PV) and renewables world
    if eg. your consumption of electricity goes Up or Down
    for your business: Do you make money or not?
  • Welcome To
    Resource Efficiency Consultancy
    The "+/-" is a symbol
    for the directions of electrons flow in electric engineering
    the temperature indicator if above or below zero temperatures are given eg. in cooling & freezing industry and retail world
  • Be +/- empowered
    Our Credo
    A greener future comes with greener and very profitable operation!
    Become more profitable-become greener-become the benchmark in your industry!

Who We Are

Reffcon is an international provider of products and services with defined focus on ‘Energy Sustainability’. From power generation to energy efficiency, we deliver solutions that promise to make a marked difference in energy landscape, both in terms of supply and emissions associated with energy intensive activities.

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Our Services

Energy & Resource Efficiency

The problem of energy crisis is fast becoming more and more pronounced. In fast growing economies, demand is far exceeding the supply read more

Design Consultancy

Our deep understanding of the energy problems and expertise in the mechanical and electrical aspects of engineering allows us to offer design consultancy for electric vehicles read more

Turnkey Project Execution

We are a fully forward-integrated and comprehensive EPC solutions provider. We deploy world-class technology to design, install and commission benchmark solar projects worldwide read more

Operation & Maintenance

We always strive to provide value-added services to our clients and therefore we lay equal focus on operation & maintenance (O&M) services as well. read more

In-house Financing

Reffcon has the liquidity and equity required to support the business operators/project owners in order to ensure financial viability. read more